Save-the-Date Card

Remind Your Guests to Set Aside Your Special Day

save the date
As plans for your wedding start to fall into place, you may have the desire to let your guests know where and when the wedding will be held. A save-the-date card can serve just this purpose. Although they are not a requirement by any means, save-the-date cards are becoming ever more popular, and there are quite a few approaches to take with them.

Save-the-date cards should be sent within four months of the wedding. If your wedding is less than four months away, a save-the-date card isn't necessary. Save-the-date cards are perfect for couples who are planning a wedding on a holiday weekend, as many people plan these weekends far in advance. It is also a good idea to consider them if you have out-of-town guests, since airfare can be less expensive when purchases far in advance.

Since the practice of sending these cards is fairly new, there aren't any set rules to follow. This is a time to use your imagination and creativity!

You might choose to send save-the-date cards that match your wedding invitation. If you have art already chosen for your invitations, you might want to use it for these cards, too. The cards may be simply a 3-by-5 inch card telling your guests where and when the wedding will be, and to expect an invitation soon.

Or, you might want to include a picture of yourselves. Keep it to postcard size, and you'll save in postage.

Another fun save-the-date idea is to send refrigerator magnets with a small calendar on them and your wedding day highlighted in some way. If you are holding your reception at a resort or club, they might have cards you can purchase for just this purpose; possibly with a photo of the facility on them so that the card resembles a postcard.

One benefit of sending save-the-date cards is it's a chance to find out in advance if you have outdated addresses. If you receive any of your cards back marked "Return To Sender," you'll know you need to research an updated address.

If you want to get the message out, but sending cards isn't in your budget, you can opt to send the information via email. There are several websites that will do this for you.

There really isn't standard wording for save-the-date cards; you can word them however you like. But here are a few suggestions of wording to get you started:

Save the Date!
Allison Mae Johnston
and Henry Chad Meyers
will be getting married on May 1, 2009
in Portland, Oregon.
Invitation and details to follow.

Love is in the air!
We're happy to announce that Allison and Henry
will be getting married on May 1, 2009.
Please save the date.
We hope you will join us for the celebration
and festivities in Portland, Oregon.
For wedding details, travel information and
accommodations, please visit

Written by: Anonymous