Save The Date Cards Guide

Planning to announce your big day in style!

Save the Date Cards

Take the first big step in your wedding planning today by learning about Save-the-Date announcements. They're not just for destination weddings anymore! We'll explain why Save-the-Date cards are so important, how to use them and even some helpful etiquette tips.

As plans for your wedding start to fall into place, you may have the desire to let your guests know where and when the wedding will be held. A Save-the -Date card can serve just this purpose. Although they are not a requirement by any means, Save the Date cards and Save the Date photo cards are becoming ever more popular, and there are quite a few approaches to take with them.

Learn the best ways to word your Save the Date announcements and who, exactly, receives these wedding mailings. We've even included a How To that walks you through the steps of making a personalized Save the Date calendar.

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