How To Make a Save the Date Calendar

A how to guide to making Save the Date calendar cards.

A relatively new wedding trend, Save the Date cards have become more than an optional mailing for today's engaged couple. For couples throwing a destination wedding, or who plan to get married over a holiday, Save the Date cards ensure your guests are aware of the place, time, and especially the date of your wedding -- and can plan accordingly. It's customary to send Save the Date announcements as soon as the wedding date is set in stone.

If your wedding date is more than six months in the future, you might be wondering how you can keep the date fresh in your guests' minds. A Save the Date card can easily be misplaced or disregarded if hanging on a refrigerator or lost in the shuffle of paperwork on a desk. How can you be sure that your wedding date is remembered by those you hope will share in your special day?

A clever idea is the Save the Date calendar card. offers an easy-to-customize Save the Date calendar card. We'll walk you through the steps of creating a custom Save the Date announcement featuring a visual reminder of your special day that you can mail to all of your future wedding guests.

You'll need:
  • 8 ½ x 11 card stock paper.
  • A color printer with a manual feed option.
  • A sharp cutting tool -- a paper trimmer or a utility knife, or even scissors if you have a steady hand.
  • A computer with Microsoft Word.
To create your own Save the Date announcement, follow these easy steps.
  1. Sign up for a free 7-day trial of or, if you are a member, make sure to login.
  2. Choose the month that corresponds to your wedding on the Save The Date Cards Collection on
  3. Click the Microsoft Word symbol to download the Save the Date calendar. Be sure to save it on your Desktop or somewhere else easy to find.
  4. Open the Save the Date calendar document, which will be titled "Month Save The Date Calendar." Month corresponds to the month you are getting married.
  5. First, you will want to move the circle to the date of your wedding. The easiest way to do this is to select the circle, then "nudge" it with your arrow keys. For more precision, you can also select the actual announcement card and "nudge" it, as well.
  6. Select the filler names and replace with you and your soon-to-be mate's names. Replace the rest of the text with whatever else you'd like to the Save to Date calendar to say.
  7. Save, print and trim! You can tuck these into simple envelopes for an affordable way to alert all of your guests to your big day.
1. Save the calendar card as a PDF, and email it to all your guests. You'll save money on postage!
2. Write a personal note on the back of the Save the Date calendars for your special guests.
3. Don't be afraid to double check with your recipients that they received your Save the Date card.

Written by: Erin Martin