Wedding Reception Flowers

Wedding reception flowers arrangement guide.

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Flower arrangements for a wedding reception are used to decorate the place you have chosen to celebrate after the wedding ceremony. Wedding reception flowers arrangement planning is required for your wedding reception to be both festive and colorful thanks to creative floral designs.

Whether you have rented a grand ballroom or you're inviting everyone over to your parent's historic barn, flowers bring the scent, the color, and the style of your marriage ceremony to the reception in a way like nothing else can. Your choices for wedding reception flowers arrangements should somehow connect with your wedding service, but how they actually tie together is entirely up to you.

Here are some good ideas of places to place floral arrangements for a wedding reception.
  • Guest tables
  • Gift table
  • Special tables (head table, grandparent's table, parent's table)
  • Buffet line
  • Guest book table
  • Door handles
  • Cake knife
  • Door ways
  • Garland strings (exposed beams, ceiling, longer tables, banisters)
  • Dance floor edges
  • Arch ways
  • Special features (bridges, walkways, natural highlights)
  • Bathrooms

The mood you want to create for guests can be your guide in helping you to decide on the appropriate floral arrangements for a wedding reception. Color is an easy way to get started and will unify all the different elements of your day. If you have already chosen the wedding flowers for your bridal bouquets and corsages, look to those same choices for your wedding reception flowers arrangements.

Your budget will also help you determine what will work for your floral arrangements for a wedding reception. Wedding flowers can be very expensive depending on the season and your flower choice. You can still have your favorite flower, you might just need to use them sparingly or with less expensive blooms in your arrangements.

Other places to cut some costs would be to alternate the reception tables with balloons and bouquets. A good florist, especially one who specializes in weddings, might be money well spent. They will have handled weddings on every budget and should have lots of ideas for you.

The size and style of your reception is another area to consider with regards to floral arrangements for a wedding reception. A large reception with a hundred tables will need a different type of arrangement than a back yard barbecue.

Are you planning a sit down dinner or a buffet line? Think about what you want your guest to be doing during the reception besides smiling at the bride and groom. Do you envision a party with clusters of guest standing and laughing in groups, with tables available if needed? Or is your idea of a reception one where dinner is served by waiters and your guests will sit at intimate tables and linger over the wine?

Larger floral arrangements of less formal flowers encourage people to let their hair down and informally gather where they want. A sit down dinner might need a formal arrangement mirrored on each table to support your reception plans. Think about how you can use your wedding reception flowers arrangements to add to the atmosphere you wish to create.

Choosing wedding flowers might seem a little overwhelming, especially if you are just starting your planning. But the best defense against anxiety is information, so take some time to gather ideas before you decide.

Caterers, florists, and nurseries will all have suggestions for you. Scour the wedding reception pictures of friends and family, especially anyone who got married in the last year or two, to see what they did. The ideas that didn't work for them because it was too seasonal or the groom's mother was allergic, might be exactly what you want.

Flipping through magazines and design books might spark your creative side. The web can be a good place to get some ideas going, but remember to take all suggestions of what you "must have" with a grain of salt.

Floral arrangements for a wedding reception are the place to let your personality shine through. Have fun with these wedding flower decisions and everyone else will too.

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Written by: Caroline Retzer