Wedding Stationery Kit Basics

Create Your Own Wedding Stationery

As a bride-to-be, you're likely excited, thrilled, and a little overwhelmed by all the items on your to-do list. It can be difficult to know where to begin when it comes to wedding invitations, thank you notes, programs, and menus. Fortunately, a stationery kit offers an affordable and convenient way to create these wedding essentials.

The Benefits of the DIY Approach

The biggest benefit of a DIY wedding stationery kit is the flexibility. The kit allows you to make as many changes as you want, as frequently as you want, before committing to the final product.

Cost is another important consideration. Wedding stationery kits can easily save you hundreds of dollars by allowing you to forgo the print shop. Aside from avoiding the print shop’s markup on stationery items, you also save money because you can print an exact quantity without being required to order extra items to meet the print shop's order specifications.

What Should Your Stationery Kit Include?

Stationery kits include professionally designed templates for the most common forms of wedding stationery, offering wording suggestions to help you properly convey the desired message.

Here are some of the printed materials your wedding stationery kit may offer:

  • Save the Date Cards: If you're having a destination wedding or a getting married near a major holiday, save the date cards give guests ample time to make the necessary travel arrangements.
  • Wedding Invitations: Whether traditional or contemporary in design, a wedding invitation sets the tone for your big day. Printable invitations let you announce your happy union with style and flair.
  • RSVP Cards: Obtaining an accurate headcount is essential for your planning purposes, which is why RSVP cards and matching envelopes should be included with your wedding invitations.
  • Wedding Announcements: Wedding announcements are sent to people who were not invited to your wedding due to financial constraints, the size of your reception hall, or geographical limitations.
  • Wedding Programs: Programs let your guests know what will happen on your big day and credit those who are involved in your wedding, such as singers, musicians, and the members of your wedding party. For religious services which involve guests' participation at various times, such as kneeling, prayer, or singing, a program gives advance information so that those who are less familiar with your customs can participate appropriately.
  • Menus: If you're offering a choice as to the main dish, a wedding menu shows your guests the offerings so that they can order their preference. If you have a set meal planned, a menu can still be helpful, allowing invitees a few extra minutes to decide whether to ask the help staff to leave something off their plate, serve a smaller portion, etc. You'll also want to include information on any special dishes you may have planned, such as vegetarian options.
  • Thank You Notes: Handwritten thank you notes should be sent shortly after the wedding to thank guests for their gift giving generosity.


Achieving a Professional Look

Technology has evolved to the point where it's nearly impossible to tell DIY wedding stationery from the professionally printed version. Modern printing companies download images and text, arrange these on the page, and print them out on a high-quality paper stock--just like you'll be doing. That being said, here are a few suggestions to help you get the polished look you crave:

  • Don't try to save money by picking up generic ink for your printer. Using Epson ink in Epson printers or HP ink in HP printers is guaranteed to produce higher quality results.
  • Make sure your printer's ink cartridge is full before you begin. Even a half-full cartridge can cause slight distortions in ink colors.
  • Use the highest possible quality settings for your printer.


Let Your Personality Shine Through

With a wedding stationery kit, you're adding your own personality to the finished pieces. The kit creator gives you the basic framework, but it's your own special touches that make your wedding stationery a work of art that you'll be proud to present to your guests.


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Written by: The Printable Wedding Team