How to Use Wedding Clipart

For the DIY bride, wedding clip art is a wonderful tool. From stationery to scrapbook pages, there are many different ways to incorporate your favorite clip art designs into your big day.

Wedding Stationery

The most obvious place for clip art is in your wedding stationery. Thoughtfully chosen clip art can be used to coordinate your save the date cards, invitations, programs, and more. If you find a piece of clip you love that doesn't match your wedding color scheme, try using image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop to change the colors to something more suitable. You can also adjust the clip art saturation to create a softer and more muted look.

Wedding Websites

In today's high-tech world, a wedding website is a great way to keep guests informed of important event details. Your website can include information on travel arrangements, as well as where you're registered. Word art can be used to add a decorative touch.

DIY Guest Book

Instead of a traditional guestbook, consider using clip art to create a large poster with your wedding monogram that guests can sign. After your wedding, you can display the poster as artwork in your home.

Wedding Signage

If your wedding is in location that is unfamiliar to many guests, it's smart to make signs to direct guests to areas such as the restroom, the dining area, and the appropriate parking location. You may also want to make signs sharing important information such as the hashtag you want guests to use when sharing photos on social media and the phone numbers for local taxi services if anyone ends up in need of a designated driver.

Table Centerpieces

Many DIY wedding centerpieces can be made incorporating clip art. For example, a vase filled with flowers could be wrapped with a label made from pretty ribbon and your favorite love clip art printed on high quality white or cream colored cardstock. Candle holders can also be customized with clip art, as long as the paper is kept far away from the open flame.

Activity Books

If you expect to have a large number of children attending your wedding reception, it's a good idea to plan some quiet activities to keep them occupied. One easy way to entertain little ones is by using clip art to make customized wedding activity books. Enlarge black and white bride and groom or cake clip art to make coloring pages. You can also use image editing software to erase half the image, then add text prompting kids to attempt to draw the other side of the picture.

PowerPoint Presentations

During your wedding reception, you might wish to have a PowerPoint presentation playing that showcases your favorite photos and quotes. If so, consider accenting your presentation with clip art. Just be sure not to overdo it! Limit yourself to one added embellishment per page to avoid a cluttered appearance.

Photo Props

Clip art can often be used to create cute props for your wedding photos. Make signs for members to hold during your formal photos, featuring favorite quotes or whimsical messages like "We've decided on forever." Use pretty clip art borders for added visual appeal.

If you're having a photo booth at your reception, clip art can also be used to make props for your guests to hold. Hearts with the date or a cute messages such as "I came for the cake!" are a great choice for this type of project, as are oversized mustaches, lips, and funny hats. Print your designs on sturdy cardstock and attach to wooden paint stirrers so they are easy for guests to hold while their picture is being taken.


Use wedding clip art to personalize your favors by making labels with hearts or flourish clip art. Add your names, the date of your wedding, and a short message. Print your designs on self-adhesive label paper to make favor assembly a snap.

Custom Gift Wrap

Traditionally, the bride and groom present members of the wedding party with small gifts as tokens of their appreciation. Add a special touch with custom gift wrap designed using clip art that reflects the theme of your wedding, flowers, or elements from your wedding stationary.

Thank You Cards

After your wedding, you'll need to work on writing thank you cards for all the gifts you received. Clip art can be used to create cards that coordinate with your invitations, programs, and other wedding elements. However, please remember that etiquette dictates you handwrite the inside message.

Scrapbook Pages

Create a special keepsake by designing a customized wedding scrapbook that uses a few strategically-placed clip art elements for embellishments. To add depth and dimension to your project, try printing clip art on specialty papers such as translucent vellum or textured cardstock.

Written by: The Printable Wedding Team