Do It Yourself Wedding Favors

For creative and inexpensive gifts for your guests, consider do it yourself wedding favors.

When planning your wedding, a great way to cut costs while at the same time providing a personal and unique token for your guests is to create do it yourself wedding favors. These little gifts show guests how much you appreciate them and give them a memento to keep long after the wedding is over.

Seed Packet Wedding Favor

If you and your spouse love gardening, share your passion by passing out seed packets for your wedding favors.

Here's how to prepare this simple wedding favor:

  • Place flower and/or vegetable seed packages in a large wicker basket.
  • Print our Take One and Watch Love Grow sign on the paper of your choice.
  • Frame sign and display next to basket.
  • If desired, place a few gardening hand tools next to your sign to reinforce the theme.
  • You can also print customized labels to put on the seed packets; for example, with your names and wedding date.

Mason Jar Jam or Jelly Favors

For a rustic wedding, homemade jams or jellies packed in small mason jars make excellent favors.

To make your own mason jar favors:

  • Visit LoveToKnow Cooking to choose a jam, jelly, or preserve recipe.
  • Fill mason jars with the treat of your choice. The smaller four ounce mason jars are ideal for this purpose.
  • Download our free Spread the Love printable label.
  • Personalize the label with your name and wedding date.
  • Print onto the paper of your choice.
  • Use a 2" hole punch to punch out your labels.
  • Adhere labels to the top of your jars with double sided tape.
  • If desired, tie a ribbon bow matching your wedding colors around the mouth of the jar.

Picture Frame Favors

Picture frames are pretty yet practical favors that can be enjoyed by your guests long after your big day has passed

Here's how to assemble this wedding favor:

  • Choose a background or wedding scrapbook page.
  • Use the image editing software of your choice to personalize the image with your name, a photo, and/or a thank you message.
  • Resize the image to fit your frame.
  • Print image onto glossy photo paper.
  • Trim image as needed.
  • Insert image into frame.

Soap Wedding Favor

Bars of handmade soap make unique wedding favors, especially when they have a lovely smell or interesting visual elements embedded inside the soap.

Follow these easy steps to make soap favors for your wedding:

  • Make bars of soap using the recipe of your choice. If you don't a favorite, LoveToKnow has three recipes for oatmeal soap that are sure to please.
  • Print several copies of the wedding background or border of your choice. For a cohesive wedding look, try to choose a background that coordinates well with your wedding initiation and/or program.
  • Cut strips of the background paper 2" wide for full size bar of soap or ½" to 1" wide for a miniature soap bar. If desired, make a fancy edge using decorative scissors in a scallop, wave, or lace pattern.
  • Tape the strips of decorative paper around each bar of soap.
  • Add a letter sticker or monogram clip art to finish the project.

Wedding Candle Favors

Tiny votive candles in glass holders can easily be decorated to make custom wedding favors.

Here's a simple technique for decorating your candles:

  • Print several copies of the wedding background or border of your choice of your choice.
  • Cut strips of the background paper to wrap around your candle.
  • Tape the paper around your candle holder.
  • Hot glue a small silk or paper flower over the area where your tape joins together.
  • If desired, add a touch of sparkle by adding a tiny gemstone or metallic scrapbooking brad where the center of the flower would be.

More Wedding Favor Ideas

Still trying to decide on the perfect wedding favor? Here are a few traditional ideas that are guaranteed crowd pleasers:

  • Birdseed parcels can be made with a square of fine mesh tulle bundled around a small amount of wild bird feed and tied with curling ribbon or satin ribbon. You may also want to include a small charm or similar trinket and a thank you tag.
  • Bubbles decorated with curling ribbon and a personalized tag are the perfect budget-friendly wedding favor. Add a fun, springtime touch by hot gluing an artificial flower, such as a daisy or a rose, to the lid of the bottle.
  • Sachets are a traditional do it yourself wedding favor that is very easy to make. One way to make very attractive sachets is to sew two squares of tulle around three edges with narrow satin ribbon, fill with potpourri, and sew the top shut. Leave long, flowing ribbon bows at the corners.
  • Candy of all types can be tied up in loose mesh tulle with ribbon and a charm to create a pretty package. Candy coated almonds have been given since Roman times to symbolize the bittersweet commitments of marriage. Other elegant choices include pastel mints, foil wrapped chocolates, heart shaped candies, and orange or peppermint sticks.

Showing Appreciation for Your Guests

The possibilities are endless for making a lasting impression with do it yourself wedding favors. No matter what you decide to make, your favors will definitely be a unique and personal way to give of yourself to show appreciation for your guests.

Download Spread the Love labels.

Download Watch Love Grow labels.

Written by: The Printable Wedding Team