10 DIY Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Wedding centerpieces don't need to cost a fortune to make a big impact. Using recycled materials, thrift shop finds, and a few basic craft supplies, you can easily put together impressive centerpieces your guests will be talking about for years to come.

1. Mason Jar Centerpiece

Mason jars are a must-have at casual weddings. One of the easiest ways to make mason jar wedding centerpieces is to fill your jars about one-third full with tiny pebbles, then stick a small votive candle in the jar. If your reception hall prohibits the use of candles due to fire safety regulations, battery-operated flameless candles would also work well for this project.

Cluster the jars together to make an arrangement that fits the size of your table. Scatter a few extra pebbles around the table. If desired, you could also attach a small tag with your table number or your monogram to the jar.

2. Recycled Tin Can Centerpiece

If you're an eco-friendly bride, consider taking recycling to the next level by wrapping tin cans in twine to make your wedding centerpiece. Clean your empty cans thoroughly, removing the labels and food residue. Cover the can with a thin layer of liquid glue, then wrap tightly with twine. You can wrap the entire can or leave half of it exposed, depending upon the look you desire.

Fill the can with the flowers of your choice, keeping in mind that heavily fragranced blooms should be avoided as our sense of smell and taste are interconnected. You want to avoid detracting from your guests' enjoyment of their meal. If you are opposed to using silk flowers, tulips, poppies, calla lilies, and amaryllis are examples of fresh flowers with minimal fragrance.

To finish your centerpiece, place one small pillar candle on each side of the flower arrangement. Wrap the candle bottoms in twine to tie the two elements together.

sunflower centerpiece

3. Sunflower Centerpiece

Sunflowers are a hot wedding trend right now. These cheerful blooms make a strong style statement all on their own, so you don't need to do much with them to create a stunning wedding centerpiece. Purchase a large square vase, fill it halfway full of water, add four blooms to each side, and fill the center with clear glass rocks or beads. If desired, you could add a small floating candle the middle.

4. Wine Glass Wedding Centerpiece

Wine glasses make fabulous wedding centerpieces. Simply turn them upside down and add a small pillar candle to the top. The stem and foot of the glass act as your candle holder, while the bowl acts as a display case for decorative items. This example uses a silk flower, but you could also use decorative shells, small ceramic trinkets matching your wedding theme, or folded origami cranes.

5. Wine Bottle Centerpiece

Wine Bottle Centerpiece

If you're a regular wine drinker, start saving your empty bottles to make a cute wedding centerpiece. Soak the bottles overnight in a sink filled with warm water and one cup of washing soda. This will make removing the labels a snap.

Once the labels are gone, add a taper candle to each bottle opening. Pair the bottles with a few small flower arrangements and couple of pillar candles on rustic looking tree slices. Beeswax candles are the longest and cleanest burning candles, which would make them ideal for this particular wedding centerpiece.

6. Book Centerpiece

For the happy couple who loves to read, a centerpiece made from hardcover books is a logical choice. Stack books to the desired height, then add a folded kusudama paper flower made from old book pages. Visit LoveToKnow Origami LoveToKnow Origami to learn how to make this flower.

This type of centerpiece looks best if your book covers all have the same basic color scheme. However, please keep in mind that you shouldn't use irreplaceable volumes for your wedding centerpieces. Whenever books are placed near food and drink, there's always the possibility of accidental spills causing damage.

7. Wildflower Centerpiece

If your budget is minimal, consider using wildflowers to create an eye catching centerpiece. This arrangement pairs wildflowers with empty glass bottles, large rocks, and a natural tree slice. Tree slices can be purchased at your local craft store, along with an inexpensive wood burning kit to add the message of your choice.

8. Lemon Centerpiece

Flowers aren't your thing? Try using fresh fruit to make your wedding centerpieces! This arrangement of lemon slices in a clear glass container floating in water and accented with a ribbon bow is frugal, colorful, and festive. Alternatively, you could use lime or orange slices if they fit better with your wedding color scheme.

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9. Birdcage Centerpiece

If you're looking for something unique for your wedding centerpiece, consider displaying vintage birdcages filled with baby's breath. Enlist a few bridesmaids to help you search for cages at local thrift shops. Spray paint them to match your wedding colors, then fill them with baby's breath. If desired, scatter a few rose petals along the table to finish the look.

10. Tree Branch Centerpiece

Fill a tall cylindrical vase with a few branches, using rocks, beads, or shells to weigh down the bottom of your wedding centerpiece. Glue a couple of small silk flowers to the branches. Add large stickers or scrapbooking rub-ons to the vases to represent your table numbers.

Proper Placement Is Key

Wedding centerpieces act as anchors for your reception tables, but it's important to make sure the arrangements don't interfere with the ability of your guests to converse over their meal. Avoid centerpieces that are tall enough to obstruct anyone's view, as these arrangements will also be more prone to tipping if the table is accidentally jostled. If you're worried about losing visual impact, keep in mind that you can always highlight the details of your centerpieces with pin lights or other forms of spot lighting.

Written by: The Printable Wedding Team