Bridal Shower Gifts for the Winter Season

Capture the essence of the holidays and winter season with these bridal shower ideas.

winter snowflakes
You can choose your winter bridal shower favors from a wide variety of season-specific selections. Whether you let the holidays, the weather, winter appetite, or a winter sport guide your choice, you can have a lot of fun creating bridal shower favors that your guests will be able to use and enjoy.

Though you don't have to tie your winter bridal shower to the Chanukah or Christmas holiday, you certainly can if you want to. The season provides a number of activities so that you and your guests can create great favors to take home with them. Christmas cookies are fun to decorate and bake. Or skip the cookie making and just hand out a whimsical selection of cookie cutters for them to use later. There are kits you may purchase to aid your craft making or you can wing it and gather together ingredients that appeal to you. Try angel ornaments made of paper cones and wings. Add cotton for the head, glitter, and colored pens for decorations. Or hand out poster paper and craft paints and have people create family tree wall hangings. You're sure to keep everyone's hands busy while your mouths are sharing stories and laughter.

Winter's extreme weather may inspire you for your winter bridal shower. Create icicle-shaped ornaments or have an instructor come over and learn ice sculpture. Certainly that will be an experience they'll never forget! If you'd rather not create anything but would prefer to just relax and enjoy each other's company, a snow globe personalized ahead of time with their names and your wedding date or a personal message may be just the winter bridal shower favor you're looking for. Or you can help your guests fight against the shortening days with a candle in the shape of a gift box or angel or snowman. Slip it in a velvet pouch and tie it with a ribbon.

The winter appetite is notorious, isn't it? After a summer of salads and cold pastas, it's time to indulge in warm stews and hot teas for a few months. Incorporate this into your bridal shower favor by offering your guests a personalized mug with a small bag of mulling spices or hot chocolate packets.

Active brides have active wedding showers! Who cares if it's snowing outside? Go ahead and take advantage of the weather and use the time with your friends to de-stress before the wedding. Your bridal shower can be an impromptu ski trip with a pair of lined gloves as your winter bridal shower favor. Or go ice skating if you're a little more urban or looking for some fun music to set the mood. Hand out scarves when you get there, each embroidered with the individual initials of your guest.

Whatever you decide, winter offers many fun choices for your bridal shower favors. Take advantage of the season and celebrate your big day!

Written by: VWB