Bridal Shower Party

The resaons for offering a bride a shower are all rooted in love, respect and celebration.

Bridal showers have their origin in the story of a poor Dutch girl who married a hardworking, but poor, miller. The young girl's father, furious at the match, withheld the customary dowry in an attempt to prevent the marriage. Friends and family rallied around the couple and showered them with gifts to start their new life together without the help of the dowry. From these humble beginnings, the bridal shower has grown into a happy tradition of family and friends gathering around a new bride to offer gifts and happy wishes for a successful and prosperous marriage.

Bridal Shower Rules

Bridal showers are not a required part of engagement events, but they are a customary way to show your love and support for a friend. Typically hosted by a friend of the bride or the maid of honor, these gatherings are meant as a way to honor this new couple and show them your support. There are no rules for how large or elaborate the shower must be and guests can now be both women and men. The only rule which must be followed is any guest on the shower list must also be invited to the wedding.

Offer A Solid Start To A Beginning Marriage

One important reason to provide a shower is to start a couple off on solid footing in a new home. Many young couples, when first starting out, lack the financial resources to outfit a home. By gathering friends and family, this expense is shared between everyone and thereby eases the burden. More mature guests, with several years of marriage behind them, can offer advice and gifts which come from experience. Special items which might be out of the financial reach of a young bride and groom can be offered by several guests. The basic premise here is to offer the household necessities and some luxuries to break down the giant step of creating a new household among many people.

Celebrate A Major Milestone

The best answer to the question of why throw a bridal shower is to celebrate a major milestone in a friend's life. Out of all the people in the world, this woman and her groom found each other. They survived the initial dating pitfalls, let their relationship grow into something deeper and richer and now have plans to take vows for a lifetime. This major transition from a single woman into a partner in a household is a huge change for any man and woman. Celebrating the joy and promise this marriage will hold is the best answer of all.

Why Throw A Bridal Shower?

By hosting this party, you will be tapping into the rich tradition of women aiding their sisters and a communal idea of sharing for the good of a friend. Women from all walks of life have always supported and cherished each other. A bridal shower is one way to celebrate that bond and welcome a bride into the world of marriage. What better reason could there be to throw a bridal shower?

Written by: Caroline Retzer