Bridal Party Favor for the Summer Season

Give summer bridal shower favors that will be perfect for the warm outdoors!

summer orchids
Summer is a popular time to have a wedding because it is possible to be outside and enjoy beautiful, lush surroundings. In turn, a summer bridal shower should reflect this carefree, fresh feeling. Summer bridal shower favors should anticipate summer heat while making the most of this casual season.

If, indeed, your bridal shower is held outdoors, offer your guests painted handheld fans as favors to keep them cool and stylish. Another option is to hand out brightly colored parasols that will provide ample shade on a bright day. Both fans and parasols are wonderfully unique yet practical accessories that your guests can use all summer long.

Perhaps you are an avid gardener and wish to share your love of flowers and planting with your guests. One way to do this is to give placecard sets designed to resemble flowers or miniature watering cans. These adorable items dress up the table settings for any occasion, from a formal afternoon tea to a casual summer luncheon.

Following this theme, miniature garden pails filled with a variety of seedling packets is another terrific summer bridal shower favor. Sachets (organza bags filled with lavender buds, lilac, or honeysuckle flowers and tied with satin ribbons) make beautiful summer favors too. Wherever they are used, their attractive scent will bring to mind the enjoyable summer weather.

If the wedding is going to be held on the beach, you can base your summer bridal shower favors on a beach theme. Chocolates shaped like seashells are always appreciated, as are magnets with seashore designs. Or give your guests pretty flip-flop sandals. You can wrap them in a sheer bag tied with a big white ribbon. Nobody can resist a pair of comfortable and attractive sandals on a hot summer day!

A seashell soap dish and a handmade soap is a great idea for a summer bridal shower favor. Offer soaps in a variety of scents and colors. Or you can please your guests with decorated sugar cookies in beach-themed designs such as beach balls, suns, bikinis, seashells, and more. If you don't feel up to making the cookies yourself, you can find lots of designs and flavors available online from wedding specialty stores.

A keychain with beach charms is something your guests would certainly appreciate. And you can be sure that whenever they travel, they will pause and think of your special event and you.

Whether you give thoughtful favors like fans or parasols, fun favors like decorative place holders, or favors that will grow over time like seedlings, summer bridal shower favors should reflect the breezy, lighthearted, and celebratory feeling that comes along with a perfect summer day.

Written by: VWB