Spring Bridal Shower Favors

Capture the spring season in your bridal shower favors.

spring daisy
Flowers are blooming! The sun is shining! The atmosphere is joyous and expectant! It's the perfect season for a bridal shower. As you plan a spring bridal shower, let the season shine through. More than any other season, spring offers a host of inspirational ideas. So let nature be your guide as you incorporate the sights, sounds, and smells of spring into your bridal shower with spring-themed favors.

Since spring is thought of as a period of re-birth and growth, flowers are a natural choice for decorations and favors. This time of year, tulips, daffodils, and lily of the valley are abundant, but of course you can't go wrong with roses in a variety of pastel colors. Here are some clever spring bridal-shower favors that incorporate real flowers:
  • Pretty boxes or painted buckets with seed packets or bulbs
  • Handmade stationery made with real flower petals
  • Pressed-flower bookmarks or greeting cards
  • Glass vases with a single rose
  • Sachets or potpourri made with flower petals and herbs

Other flower-themed favors:
  • Custom-designed cookies decorated to look like flowers
  • Custom-designed chocolates in flower shapes
  • Candles (floating, travel-size, votive, or pillar) shaped like flowers or with floral scents
  • Picture frames or card holders with a floral design
  • Teacups with flower designs

Of course, you needn't settle on a flower-themed favor. You can celebrate the outdoors with favors featuring birds, butterflies, dragonflies, bunnies, eggs, or suns. Here are some suggestions.
  • Silver or pewter corkscrews and letter openers, or bottle openers and bottle stoppers with animal or bird motifs
  • Jordan almonds (which traditionally represent the bitter and the sweet aspects of marriage), coated with a blue texture to look like robins' eggs and packaged in a gift box or basket
  • Pastel-colored fortune cookies with personalized fortunes
  • Hand-decorated miniature birdhouses

Of course, there are perfect spring bridal shower favors that don't necessarily call to mind anything in the natural world. For example:
  • Silver or pewter ice cream scoops or coffee scoops
  • Gourmet honey or jam with personalized labels
  • Bamboo handheld fans
  • Photos of the bride and groom with personalized cards
  • Disposable cameras

A spring bridal shower should be easy and exciting to plan if it is based around a seasonal theme. Whether your favor is inspired by the outdoors and nature, or reflects the positive energy and warmth of the occasion in an entirely different way, a spring bridal shower favor is an ideal token gift to remind your guests of celebrating new beginnings.

Written by: VWB