Lingerie Bridal Shower

Use these lingerie and bath gift ideas to pamper the bride-to-be.

wedding lingerie
For an exclusive bridal shower, a lingerie theme is a favorite. The bride receives indulgent gifts that she probably would not buy for herself, while the guests get to share in a special kind of fun. Whether going for a humorous or a sensual mood, it can all be intimate. This also works for surprise showers, but make sure that you know your bride and your guests.

To set the theme, buy or create invitations in the shape of a bra or other undergarment. Specify that the gifts should be feminine, sensual, and romantic. Any raciness you anticipate will probably happen by itself. Gift ideas include:
  • Nightgowns
  • Pajamas
  • Potpourri Sachets for the bride's lingerie drawer
  • Bath and Beauty Treatments
  • Perfume
  • Slippers
  • Jewelry
  • Gift Baskets, which may include gifts such as scented candles, champagne flutes, romantic CD's and books of poetry.
The lingerie shower makes a great evening event and, depending on the number of guests, may even be held in a bedroom like a slumber party. Put colored scarves over the lampshades, light scented candles, open the dresser drawers and put the gifts inside.

Have many flowers, chocolate, champagne and long-stemmed strawberries with whipped cream on hand. Other food ideas include small chunks of cheesecake on toothpicks or brie cheese served with fruit and crackers. If you like, create lingerie-shaped cookies.

Consider having a lingerie boutique hold a private lingerie fashion show in your home. This gives your guests an opportunity to shop for themselves after giving the bride that indulgence.

As the bride opens her gifts, take notes on a piece of paper with three columns. In the first column, write the names of the gift givers, and in the second, describe the gifts. This will be useful to the bride when she goes to write Thank You notes. In the third column, write down the bride's comments as she opens each gift. The title of the third column should be What the Bride Might Say on Her Wedding Night. When all the gifts have been opened, read the results. Exclamations such as, "Ooh! What's this?", "Oh (name of gift giver)!", or "Oh my God, it's so soft!" will be good for a giggle.

At the end of the night, give each guest a party favor. A special candy, a scented candle, or a personalized sachet would be appropriate to the lingerie themed bridal shower.

Written by: Megan Glomb