Fall Bridal Shower Favor

The key to fall bridal shower favors is the color.

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If you are planning a fall wedding, vivid colors will likely play a big role in your decor. Colors that call to mind the changing leaves (reds, yellows, oranges, browns, and greens) will liven up your events and should certainly be incorporated into your fall bridal shower favors.

The beauty of a wedding shower is that there are so many options when it comes to decorations, invitations, food, and favors. Remember, you don't need to follow any strict guidelines, so go ahead and have fun!

Fall bridal shower favors offer the perfect opportunity to flex your artistic and imaginative muscle. A favor should not be just a reminder of your special event. The best favors are things that a guest can appreciate and enjoy more than once. To help you choose a fall bridal shower favor, ask yourself what you think of when you think of fall.

If you imagine cascading leaves and cool nights, a votive candle with a fall motif might be just the thing. Candles are available in a variety of colors and scents, many of which are inspired by fall. Scents include spiced apple, cranberry, cedar, and even maple syrup! If Halloween comes to mind, you might choose small ceramic pumpkins and tea lights as your fall bridal shower favor. In any case, you can wrap the candles in tissue paper and tie with raffia for a natural, woodsy-looking package.

Along these lines, you may wish to inspire creativity by offering a candle-making kit to each of your guests. This is an enjoyable activity that yields sensible, lasting products. What's more, you and your guests could choose a date to indulge in your arts-and-crafts project together.

If you think of hot baths on chilly, starry nights, you could offer handmade soaps or bubble bath in attractive scents like lavender, vanilla, or rose. These can be wrapped in netting and tied with a beautiful silver-leaf charm.

Another popular favor is a picture frame that doubles as a place-card holder for the dining table. Any frame with a fall design such as leaves, branches, or birds would work nicely. And by hand writing each guest's name in a scrolling calligraphy, you will add a lovely and personal touch.

Stationery made from handmade paper is another terrific fall bridal favor. Choose a paper that echoes fall colors (burnt orange or sage green, for example), or look for a paper that uses real flower petals or leaves as part of its makeup. For truly attractive favors, wrap each stationery set in complementary-colored wrapping and tie with raffia and a handwritten tag.

Bookmarks, bottle stoppers, letter openers, and magnets are also appreciated as bridal-shower favors. Pick from a variety of materials, such as silver, pewter, or brass, and look for styles and designs that make you think of the fall season.

Whether you choose a practical gift or something a bit more creative, your guests will be reminded of your special event (and you) each time they set eyes on their fall bridal-shower favor.

Written by: VWB