Daisy Bridal Shower Favor

How to incorporate daisies into your bridal shower favors.

light blue daisy
Traditionally, daisies are thought to be the symbol of innocence and loyal love. No wonder then, that they are commonly incorporated into wedding events. In fact, it's a growing trend to throw a daisy-themed bridal shower, complete with daisy bridal shower favors.

At first, you might not think there would be many options for a daisy bridal shower favor. But nearly all the popular favors are available with a flower motif, and the daisy designs are as endearing as can be. Let's consider the following possibilities.

The most obvious would be a favor that involves a real daisy flower. For example, present each of your guests with a personalized bud vase containing a single, cheery daisy.

Or fill pretty baskets or painted pails with treats, including daisy seed packets. At home, your guests can plant these seeds in their yards and think of you each season when the daisies begin to bloom.

A more practical gift is a packet of stationery or a box of gift cards, handmade with real daisy petals pressed into the paper. (These are perfect for thank-you cards!) Another useful gift is a keychain with a daisy charm. Brides are always fond of candlelight, so floating candles shaped like daisy buds are a lovely token, as are votive candles with a daisy design.

Picture frames and place-card holders decorated with daisies and other flowers are an attractive addition to any table setting. Give these to your guests, and they can dress up their own tables with these daisy bridal shower favors. Frames and card holders are available in many designs and colors, so take your time when choosing and make sure you've found one that reflects your individual style.

If you are serving tea at your bridal shower, the perfect daisy favor would be linen napkins or hankies embroidered with flowers. Or perhaps teacups and saucers, or demi-tasse cups with a daisy pattern. You could complement any of these with a gourmet jar of honey wrapped with a personalized ribbon and a silk daisy.

If your event is being held outdoors, parasols with a daisy motif would make the perfect bridal shower favor. Your guests will look stylish and stay cool! Artistically inclined guests would certainly appreciate daisy favor boxes filled with items like daisy stickers and photo corners.

For those with a sweet tooth, there are many different kinds of edible daisy treats, such as foil-covered chocolate daisies, or lollipops and sugar cookies decorated with a daisy design. You could include a flower-shaped cookie cutter tied with a personalized satin bow for an extra touch.

For a whimsical touch, give each guest a bottle of standard wedding bubbles tied with ribbon and a silk daisy. On the wedding day, they can bring these daisy bridal-shower favors along to celebrate.

Written by: VWB