Handmade Craft Bridal Shower Favor

Turn your love for crafts into an original handmade shower favor!

These days, there's a growing interest in crafts and just about anything that's handmade. Just browse through the women's magazines and you'll find new publications devoted to knitting, crocheting, beading, and quilting, to name just a few. What's more, women are urged to be real do-it-yourselfers, whether they are involved in home improvements or just trying out a new skill. So why not celebrate your artistic abilities through a craft bridal shower? This is a perfect time for you and your friends to support each other's creative urges and let those inspired juices flow!

A craft bridal shower can mean several different things. You can organize one major activity that includes everyone (like making a Mexican pinata, which you'll all take turns smashing later!), or you can set up your guests with individual projects. Whatever the plan, each guest should be able to walk away from the bridal shower with a very unique and meaningful craft-bridal-shower favor.

It's always fun for guests to create something they can use (or wear) at a later date. For example, a basic white t-shirt plus fabric paint equals a colorful, zany top that is wearable all year round.

Or present your guests with a plain serving plate and appropriate marking pens, and let them go wild! One idea is to ask each guest to autograph the others' plates, creating timeless and lasting mementos and truly special favors.

If the bride is an avid baker, pull out some pre-made dough and supply cookie cutters, frosting, and other decorations. This is a great way to tie in another theme such as Christmas or Easter. Plus, it's a delicious option that will keep your guests munching all afternoon long. And of course, allow your guests to take home as many yummy cookies as they can carry.

Following the holiday theme, no matter how old you are, it's always fun to create a gingerbread house. Provide each guest with his or her own materials, or work together on a larger gingerbread mansion! Let the bride take the final work of art home to use as a centerpiece.

If all of these ideas sound appealing, but you aren't sure your guests are up for hands-on activity, you can have a more traditional afternoon get-together and send your guests home with a crafty favor they did not have to make.

Whether it's an easy-to-follow crochet kit, a beginner's needlepoint sampler, or a collection of recipes from the bride's adored grandmother, a craft bridal-shower favor is a clever and unforgettable way to acknowledge an artsy bride about to embark on a major life event.

Written by: VWB