Games for Couples Bridal Shower

Wedding shower games that will be a fun way to acquaint friends.

stick figure couple
As the world changes, so do our oldest conventions. Accordingly, it is no longer necessary for the modern bridal shower to exclude men, or even to be hosted by the maid of honor. The most important thing is that the bride and groom have their dearest friends around them at the party, which brings us to the couples bridal shower. How do you ensure everyone has fun at a couples bridal shower? Read on!

The couples bridal shower is different than the classic one. Rather than a tea party scene, the more familiar cocktail party or an outdoor barbecue will put the men at ease and allow for plenty of mingling. Use two or three of the following games to help acquaint everyone.

My Favorite Memory
This is a good one for getting to the heart of what the guests have in common. Each couple receives an index card with their invitation requesting that they write down their favorite memory of the bride. The memories may be funny or heartwarming, and are to be read aloud by the author during gift opening portion of the bridal shower.

Gag Gift and Real Gift Each guest brings a gag gift for the groom along with a useful gift for the bride. The bride's gift need not be as expensive as if it were the only one being given at a more traditional bridal shower. A theme, like kitchen gifts, will also help to guide guests in their gift selections. The bride and groom alternate in their unwrapping of gifts. The bride can collect the traditional, useful gifts, while the groom's gifts provide the entertainment for the shower.

Test the Bride
To take some of the performance pressure off your guests and to introduce the groom to those who don't know him, quiz the bride about the groom. Ask the groom questions before the party and have a master list of the groom's answers for the game. Favorite band, dream vacation, and childhood hero are some ideas for topics. If the bride guesses correctly, she gets to open one of her gifts. If she is incorrect, the first guest to shout out the correct answer gets a party favor.

Famous Couples Charades
Guests separate into groups and write down the names of famous fictional or real-life couples. The game proceeds like classic charades, with each team trying to guess the name of a couple from the other team's list while one of the team members silently acts it out.

Written by: Megan Glomb