Bridal Wedding Shower

Welcome the guys to your bridal shower for a fun experience!

A happy new trend in the world of wedding showers is the inclusion of the groom in all the festivities. While this has been a long overdue improvement, many of the typical bridal shower themes are not appropriate or would not interest the average groom. Here are some fun themes for a couple wedding shower which will surely have the guys as interested as the gals.

Barbecue Shower

Host this shower on the back deck and ask all the guests to bring patio and barbecue gifts. Tongs, sauces and the latest in shiny barbecuing gadgets are perfect. Serve corn on the cob, steaks and burgers in the fresh air and let everyone share their grilling secrets.

Fill The Wine Cellar Shower

Ask guests to bring their favorite bottle of wine or wine-related gadgets and glasses. Serve local specialty wines and cheeses and crackers as finger food. If the guest list will be large, assign guests types of wines such as reds, whites or sparkling. Expand the gift options to include imported beers and micro brews. Shower the bridal couple with all types of wine glasses and goblets, cheese serving sets and wine books.

Patio Shower

For the couple who will be moving to a new home, consider a patio-themed shower. Guests can focus their gifts on outdoor dining items such as designer plastic place settings and stylish serving trays. Indoor/outdoor patio cushions, potted plants, and table linens are all options for this relaxing shower. Serve burgers and brats with plenty of fixings and let guests visit and chat in the warm sun.

Lawn and Garden Shower

Gardening is coming back into vogue and many couples now have lawn and landscaping plans. Guests can be asked to bring all the latest and greatest lawn tools, garden supplies, seeds, plants and potting supplies for the happy couple. Serve garden fresh produce and cold ice tea and offer plenty of space for guests to share their garden secrets. Books on vegetable gardening and landscaping would be perfect for this type of couple.

Travel Theme

Put the honeymoon in the spotlight and center the shower around the couple's travel plans. Guests can bring new beach items for ocean bound couple such as giant towels, travel size lotions and beach bags. For couples bound for more exotic locations, consider memory cards for cameras, photo albums for the pictures and specialty luggage for their trip.

Night On The Town Shower

The first year of marriage can be a little tight financially, so consider an entertainment shower. Guests can bring tickets to their favorite shows, symphonies, sport teams or local tours to get the new couple out on the town. Dinner gift certificates and movie passes can offer a new couple a chance to enjoy an evening with friends without breaking the bank.

When searching for the perfect theme for a couple wedding shower, think about the interests and hobbies of the people you are honoring. Make sure any games you play are something both the men and women would enjoy. Keep the mood light and offer guests plenty of time to chat and mingle. If you plan your menu as you would for a dinner party, you will have plenty of options which both the men and the women will enjoy. Men are new to this idea of wedding showers, so keep the risque games and the delicate finger foods to a minimum. We ladies have been hosting and attending showers for a long time and if we want the men to join us, we are going to have to create an atmosphere where they feel welcomed and appreciated. The addition of the male gender will certainly change the tone and tenor of your shower, but with a little planning, it will be for the better.

Written by: Caroline Retzer