Coordinated Bridal Shower Gifts

Coordinate your bridal gifts ideas to create a more lasting memory for the bride.

bridal shower gifts
Whether you are hosting a bridal shower or simply attending one, it is often a good idea to coordinate your gifts with the other guests. By selecting a theme or project, everyone can contribute. The anxious gift giver can find relief in the limitations of a category or theme. The bride can have the satisfaction of one lovely gift.

For example, one idea is to coordinate a project to organize a team effort to repair, construct, or decorate some aspect of the couple's home. This could be done prior to the party, making the shower itself a celebration of a job well done. Alternatively, the work could be done as part of the party, lightened along the way with good food, music, and company. Whether by filling out a detailed registry or by having her clarify a key piece of furniture or color to incorporate into a room, any decorating project should involve the bride. This project is aimed at women who will enjoy shopping and decorating.

If the couple has a garden or a place for a garden on their property, this can make for an enchanting shower gift idea. Plant the patch during the party, leaving the couple with a complete garden by the end of the day.

Alternatively, consider having each guest contribute one square to construct a wedding quilt. This could also be done before the wedding, and could provide a good excuse to get everyone together again in the near future, under quieter circumstances.

If you are looking for a non-participatory theme, the kitchen is easily stocked without the bride's involvement or too much thought on the part of the guests. Utensils, appliances, and dinnerware are great gifts. To add a personal touch, include a favorite recipe, which can be collected and presented by the maid of honor.

Depending upon the couple, a wine cellar or library would also make great bridal shower gift ideas. Often the most pleasant gifts to receive are the ones that you would have waited the longest for if you had to buy them yourself.

As long as there is a vision behind it, a collective gift need not even be manifest on the day of the shower. A pot of money contributed for a heartfelt cause, whether it is the couple's honeymoon or a future home, is thoughtful gift. Each guest can contribute as much or as little as they feel comfortable giving.

Anything that relates to the future of the newlywed couple's life together is an appropriate bridal shower gift idea.

Written by: Megan Glomb