Affordable Bridal Shower Favor

Inexpensive bridal shower favors that all of the guests will love!

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Looking for a bridal-shower favor that is distinctive and charming but still affordable? Wondering how you can create a cheap bridal shower favor that won't be too time consuming or distract you from your busy schedule?

Modern brides have, at last, found creative and inexpensive ways to thank their friends for sharing in their wedding celebration. Believe it or not, there are affordable gifts that will not only complement your bridal event, but also make a lasting impression on your attendees.

Whether they are placed on the table as part of the place settings or given out at the close of a shower, favors come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. And there is no need for any of them to cost a fortune! Here are some tips to help you begin your search.

Ordering And Pricing
If you order favors from a vendor, ask if you can get a price cut if you order over a certain number. No matter what, take time to shop around and compare prices. Today there are so many wedding specialty stores to choose from that there's no reason to settle on the first item you come across. The favor you have in mind will likely be offered somewhere else at a lower price.

Do-It-Yourself Favors
It may be economical to make your own bridal-shower favors. Many craft stores, art-supply stores, and stationery stores carry the materials for do-it-yourself options. You can also search online for items such as ribbons (personalized or plain), gift boxes, organza bags, miniature metal tins, stickers, baskets, or pails.

Remember, cheap doesn't have to mean tacky! One popular and cheap bridal-shower favor involves some type of small container plus a filler such as candy, flower-seed packets, or soaps. These are simple to put together. By purchasing these items separately and assembling them yourself, you'll be sure to save money.

NOTE: Some companies specialize in customizing bridal-shower supplies. So when you pick out gift boxes or tins, consider marking them with the bride's name, picture, or monogram.

Cheap And Customized Candy Bars
Skimping on cost doesn't mean sacrificing taste. One idea that is sure to be a hit with every guest is a customized Hershey bar. Although these are relatively inexpensive to order pre-assembled, you can save more money by wrapping the chocolate yourself in a wrapper of your choice. The papers are usually easy to fold and stick together, and it takes no time at all to create these adorable and cheap bridal-shower favors at a fraction of the regular price!

Finally, make sure you plan ahead and allow yourself enough time to find the favors you want at the price you need. And if it makes sense to make your own favors, go for it! Just be sure to set aside enough time to create a cheap bridal shower favor that expresses your thanks and love with elegance and undeniable style.

Written by: VWB