What is a Bridal Shower Wishing Well?

A wishing well has become a veritable tradition of gift-giving for bridal showers.

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The bridal shower wishing well is one of those traditions that have been used for so long; no one remembers its original purpose. It is a pretty receptacle for gifts or wishes for the bride and groom and if you attend five different bridal showers, you are likely to find five different ways the wishing well can be used.

To make a wishing well for your bridal shower, use cardboard and decorates it with silk, lace, and flowers. The well portion, a box or cylinder, becomes the receptacle for gifts or wishes. Small wishing wells can also be purchased or rented. If you need a larger well for gifts, you may have to construct it.

One of the oldest traditions is to use the well for small household items brought in addition to the main gift. Items such as stamps, batteries, or measuring spoons are ideal. The gifts are generally unwrapped, unlabeled, and opened after the shower, as they are meant to stock the newlywed's home. Other wishing well gift suggestions include cookbooks, a fancy corkscrew, or perhaps an accessory to each guest's main gift.

If the shower has a theme, the wishing well can be incorporated into it. For example, a kitchen themed shower might yield cooking items for the main gifts and spices or recipes for the wishing well. If the shower is a traditional bachelorette party, the well could be used for anything from racy honeymoon favors to personal spa items.

Another way that a wishing well is used is for monetary gifts. Sometimes the guests and hostess may pool funds for a specific item or project, such as the couple's honeymoon or accessories for their wedding. A collection is made at the shower by using the wishing well. If the bride wants to receive monetary gifts, explain this in the invitations and have the gifts dropped anonymously into the well as the guests walk into the bridal shower.

The bridal shower wishing well can also simply be used for wishes, greeting, poems, and to share memories with the bride. Make sure to mention your wishing well requests either in the invitation or at the door as the guests arrive. If you are asking for wishes at the door, provide index cards and pens for your guests. Later, pull the cards out of the well and read them aloud for a memorable shower event.

These are just a few of the fun ways to enjoy the traditional bridal shower wishing well at your event.

Written by: Megan Glomb