Bridal Shower Locations

Find the pefect location for a bridal shower by looking at available sites with a creative eye.

Selecting the location for a bridal shower is an important part of the planning process. While bridal shower locations can be as diverse as the people hosting them, you will want to find a place with easy access, enough elbow room, and a place that won't require a major decorating budget. Several different types of locations are good choices, so the main decision becomes which type of location is the best for the party you are planning.


Restaurants are a common choice for bridal showers because of their simplicity. Decoration needs are minimal, and all the basic requirements such as seating and food choices are already arranged. This type of location can be wonderful for a smaller shower with close friends or a work shower. Speak with the restaurant management to arrange for seating away from the main floor. You don't want to disturb other patrons and you want some privacy for yourselves if at all possible. Larger showers can take advantage of banquet rooms or special sections of an establishment to make it easier for everyone, including the wait staff. Make detailed arrangements with a restaurant to make sure everything will be ready for your arrival.

Special Locations

Mansions, museums, botanical gardens and arboretums are all excellent places to hold a bridal shower. Typically, any location which hosts parties or weddings will be happy to help you coordinate a bridal shower. Decorating is a snap and many of these types of locations will provide catering to make your plans even easier. If your group will be smaller, check out day cruises on a local river or train tours. Call the reservation desk and ask about any special perks you might qualify for if you bring a minimum number of guests. A trip to the day spa might be perfect if your bride is experiencing some wedding stress. Spending the day with a close group of friends might be the perfect respite for a harried bride.

Budget Locations

If your budget is feeling the pinch, check out more moderate locations such as the local community center, a church basement or local meeting hall. Many local wildlife parks have special amphitheaters or meeting places which offer spectacular scenery and plenty of seating. Picnic shelters and city parks often offer all the basic elements and can be made ready for a shower with a few simple decorations. Many larger offices have conference rooms or meeting rooms which might be available by simply asking your boss. These types of rooms are the obvious choice for a work shower. Your living room or the backyard of a friend is another option and the cost is free for these types of locations. Chairs can be borrowed or rented to turn any personal space into a bridal shower location.

What to Look for in a Bridal Shower Location

The main criterion for finding a bridal shower location is the space which will be available. You don't want everyone crammed into a small venue, stepping on each other and squeezing past other guests to grab a bite to eat. You also want a location which will compliment your theme or which can be dressed up to look like a celebration without spending a fortune on decorations. Outlets are nice to keep dishes hot and running water will make clean up much easier. One way to evaluate a site is to picture yourself hosting a traditional dinner party in your location. If that idea gives you a little smile and a creative rush, you have found a suitable location. If picturing more than three people in your possible space gives you the shivers, keep looking. Unless this is a surprise shower, check with the bride for location advice. She knows everyone who will be attending and can offer great advice on which type of facility would allow everyone to be comfortable and relaxed.

A bridal shower does not carry with it all the tradition of any other part of the wedding. These parties can be as relaxed as you wish and offer any type of food, games and entertainment. The truth is, once you have chosen your bridal shower location, most of the other planning elements will fall into place.

Written by: Caroline Retzer