Bridal Shower Game

Plan bridal shower games for a fun and memorable time.

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Bridal shower games are activities planned by the hostess for the guests of the party. They are not a required part of a shower, but they are a great ice breaker. If you keep the mood fun and light, party guests will be able to meet each other and relax in a festive atmosphere.

Here are some things to remember about games. First, make sure that your games are suitable for all your guests. If there will be children or spouses attending, try to have a game that everyone will enjoy. Adjust your games for the personalities of the guests. The point is for everyone to have fun and feel relaxed. Embarrassing and invasive games are not fun and will only make your guests uncomfortable. Below are six ideas for you to consider.

Toilet-Paper Dress Up

Divide your guests into even groups of three or more. Give each group several rolls of toilet paper. Each group decides on one person to be the "bride." Using the toilet paper, the groups create the best wedding dress and veil they can. If the party is large, place a time limit on the game. Award a prize for the best toilet-paper bridal gown.

What's In The Bag?

Before the party starts, make out a list of ten to twenty items which might be found in a woman's purse. Gather the guests in a circle or around a table. Call out each item on the list and let your guests try to find that item in their purses. The woman with the most items wins.

Gift Bingo

Hand out checkered cards to guests as they arrive for the shower. Guests create their own bingo cards by filling in the squares with items they think the bride will receive as gifts. The free space in the center of a card will be the gift the guest brought. As the gifts are opened, everyone keeps track on their cards. The first one to call out "Bingo" wins a prize. Consider extending the game through several winners if you have a large number of guests.

Clothespin Pickup

Give each guest a clothespin as she arrives, and have her attach it to the hem of her dress or the edge of her pocket. As guests mingle and chat, each guest tries to catch other guests crossing their legs. When someone is caught, she gives her clothespin, as well as any pins she has collected, to the guest who caught her. The woman with the most clothespins at the end of the shower gets a prize.

Two Truths and a Lie

Have the guests gather in a comfortable circle. Moving around the circle, have each person tell two true things about her husband and one lie. The remaining guests try to decide which things are true and which are false. If the lie is undetected, award a small prize.

Who am I?

Before the shower, fill out name tags based on famous characters or couples. For example, make one guest Romeo and another Juliette. As guests arrive, place a name tag on each person's back. During the party, each guest asks questions of the others in order to discover who she is. If a guest is part of a couple, she must then find her partner.

You can find lots of game ideas on the Internet. Talk over your plans with recent brides to see if they played a game they really enjoyed. Think about the theme of your shower and choose games which support your motif. For instance, if you are having a western bridal shower, play the Who Am I? game, but choose famous cowboys and cowgirls as the characters.

Bridal-shower games can be a fun way for people to get to know each other. While not a required part of a shower, they can really liven things up and get people circulating. As long as the games are appropriate for everyone, all the guests will have a good time.

Written by: Caroline Retzer