Bridal Shower Gag Gifts

Bring light humor to your wedding shower with a bridal shower gag gift.

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A bridal shower gag gift is a popular way of lightening the financial obligation and social hierarchy of the traditional bridal shower and having everyone share in the joke. Whether suggested by the bride or secretly by the host, a gag gift theme can make a bridal shower memorable.

Humor used for these kinds of shower gifts can be as simple as spoofing the gifts usually given at a wedding. The gag is added by giving something that could almost seem like an earnest gift but is just a little tasteless. For instance, you could choose some prominent household items, like potholders or bed sheets, and then silkscreen them with a picture of the couple. Alternatively, label a pair of items His and Hers that would not usually be separated, like salt and peppershakers, socks, or salad tongs.

If cheap is the punch line, have the guests each bring gift cards. These cards can often be in any amount, so purchase them in random sums to add to the silliness. Two or more cards in smaller amounts can be given by the same person to emphasize the absurdity. To make more of a game of it, have the guests bring small gifts in brown paper bags, and then pass them around the party while everyone tries to guess the content. Whoever correctly guesses the item gets a prize.

When the shower is a bachelorette party, jokes revolving around intimacy are always popular. There are many resources for these types of gifts. Some of the standard offerings include exotic lingerie, condoms, body candy, and how-to books. Sometimes virginity or the lack thereof is emphasized. You know your bride best and should consider her in all of your purchases.

One way to present this kind of theme gift is to assemble a Honeymoon Suitcase. Pack the suitcase with all of the accessories, indicating that this is all that she will need to pack for her honeymoon. The individual gifts may be labeled or not, giving the bride the rest of her life to guess who gave her what outrageous thing.

If the bridal shower is co-ed, a Marriage Survival Kit can be assembled in the same spirit as the Honeymoon Suitcase or in a more pessimistic spirit, including things like bandages, whistles, and a ball and chain. In another case, the guests may be asked to bring a gag gift for the groom and a real gift for the bride. The latter being something relatively inexpensive but useful, and the former being the entertainment for the group.

Another way to use gag gifts as entertainment, is to have an auction of cheap brown bag gifts. The guests guess at the contents of the bags and bid accordingly. Each guest will take home a gag gift, while the bride will keep the money from the bids.

The most important factor in pulling off a gag gift bridal shower is that you know your audience. Be accurate, but not hurtful, and do not forget your camera!

Written by: Megan Glomb