Bridal Shower Food

Create a bridal shower menu to highlight a theme, compliment a particular style or keep you on budget while honoring a special bride.

Selecting the appropriate food for a bridal shower is an integral part of the planning process. Your menu can help support your theme, create a specific style or keep you on track with your budget.

Theme-Inspired Foods

Once you have selected your theme, use it to select your bridal shower food. For example, if you are having a high tea shower, delicate finger foods and airy pastries are a perfect fit. For a beach theme, offer shrimp cocktail or salmon fillets. Consider angel hair pasta and Alfredo sauce for an angel theme shower. Offer dishes from around the world for your travel themed shower. A county theme needs comfort foods such as roasted ham, cornbread and apple pie. Exploit the theme to the fullest and create a perfect menu.

Style-Inspired Foods

If you find that the theme won't help you, look at the style of the party you wish to host. Buffets are an easy way to serve a large group at one time. The buffet is the most common for larger events with different meats, cheeses and gourmet breads offered so guests can create their own sandwiches. Add a few salads and nibblers to provide a good selection. Keep the buffet line for your kitchen gadget shower but offer a delicious dessert bar instead of all the meats and cheeses. Offer different pastries, pies, cookies and iced cakes to afternoon guests. A chocolate fountain will add glitz and glamour or hand-dip strawberries in white and dark chocolate for a special treat. When planning for a couples shower, add some hearty options for the guys. Change the salmon fillets to a surf and turf menu. Or offer a more casual menu of brats, burgers and dogs on the barbecue. Homemade pizza with all the toppings is an easy meal to prepare while guests arrive and the aroma of melting cheese and tomato sauce will fill the air as guests nibble on appetizers.

Budget Foods

The food will be the largest part of your bridal shower budget -- and unfortunately, it is easy to get carried away. A soup and salad buffet can offer guests a true meal while keeping your budget healthy. Offer cold soups for a summer shower and heartier versions for the colder parts of the year. Put all the fixings in separate bowls and let your guests create their own perfect salad. Add artisan breads or homemade rolls for a more filling option. If you will be hosting a Fill the Pantry Shower, have guests bring the recipe, ingredients and a completed dish as a gift for the bride. Make sure to offer small cards identifying each creator. Keep the menu light and trim by serving small appetizers and fresh fruits for an early afternoon shower. A few local specialties such as handmade chocolates can add some glitz without breaking your budget.

Planning the bridal shower food is a big responsibility. Ask for help from another guest if you are becoming overwhelmed or stressed. There are no steadfast rules about who may host a shower, so get together with friends to jointly host this event. This option can keep your budget on track and let you both enjoy the party without being overworked. While the food is an important part of a bridal shower, honoring the bride and welcoming her into a circle of friends and family is the main focus. If you can plan your menu around a relaxing afternoon, filled with laughter and comradery, any option you choose will be perfect.

Written by: Caroline Retzer