Bridal Shower Favor For a Tea Party

Favors for your tea party bridal shower in three categories: edible, traditional, and whimsical.

black and white tea set
It seems there is a new trend when it comes to bridal showers. Instead of the usual luncheon or early-evening affair, gals are gathering at the height of the afternoon to enjoy a full-on tea party!

Whether it's a traditional high-tea service or an off-the-wall "Mad Hatter" party with games and surprises, this is a wonderful way to spend time with your friends and celebrate your upcoming wedding. Now, what you need is a favor or memento to hand out that captures the fun of this special afternoon.

If you decide on a bridal shower tea party, you will need a little gift for each of your guests. A bridal shower favor for a tea can be almost anything, and it's fun to sift through the options and find just the right token for your event.

Edible Favors
Probably the most obvious favor for a tea is tea itself, either as a loose blend or in a tea bag. Both can be personalized with the bride's name and the date and location of the bridal shower. Like tea, hot chocolate packets or coffee beans can be packaged in a customized pouch with the bride's name and specifics of the event.

To sweeten the party, offer guests personalized jars of honey or decorated sugar cubes. The sugar cubes are available in a variety of assortments (floral, shoes and purses, or monograms, to name a few) and come in an attractive box. Sugar tablets are also available in an adorable heart shape. These are packaged in a glass vial and topped with a cork stopper.

Petits fours in the shape of gift boxes, or sugar cookies in the shape of teapots, hearts, flowers, or hats make pretty and delicious favors.

Traditional Favors
  • Individual teacups and saucers or demi-tasse cups and saucers are lovely gifts that your guests can use or display in their homes.
  • Linens, either napkins or hankies, are especially classy mementos and suitable for a high tea.
  • A tea infuser, perhaps in a heart shape and tied with a personalized ribbon, is a practical token for your guests.
  • Place-card holders in the shape of wedding cakes, teapots, chairs, or flowers are useful and charming.
  • Recipe cards containing the afternoon's recipes are always appreciated. Add a heart-shaped cookie cutter for an extra treat.

Whimsical Favors
  • Hand-painted teapot trinket boxes are ideal gifts or collectibles. Fill them with tea or mints.
  • Handheld fans (made from sandalwood or bamboo) or parasols are a terrific gift, especially on a hot afternoon.

To celebrate your wedding to its fullest, it's important to share your good cheer with your guests. Certainly, a recipe for a successful bridal shower tea includes a clever and thoughtful favor, something your friends can take home and use often to recall a very loving moment.

Written by: VWB