Bridal Shower Decorations

Tips and ideas for creating beautiful bridal shower decorations for any budget.

Bridal shower decorations are the most fun part of planning a shower. Decorating provides such a wonderful opportunity for creativity and personal expression. Once you have selected your theme, the fun of gathering decorations can begin.

Bridal Shower Flower Arrangements

The flowers you choose and the way you arrange them provides the color, scent, and style for your bridal shower decorations. As most bridal couples select two colors for the wedding, you can feel comfortable providing the same color scheme for the shower, but don't feel you are locked into those colors. A tea-themed shower in the middle of summer might need the sunny yellow of sunflowers to highlight the season. Add delicate bouquets of chamomile with their sunny yellow centers to carry both the theme and the color scheme. A wine theme could be complimented with rich greenery and grape hyacinth sprays. Potted miniature roses in shades from pink to deep red can add the detail and texture you need to a Victorian bridal shower. Consider adding theme-inspired trinkets such as charms or artwork to your flower arrangements. Antique bridal photos can be nestled among the roses or bunches of deep purple grapes can be wired into the hyacinth arrangements. Trailing silk flowers can accent doorways and windows and mixed garlands of lacy hearts and ivies can brighten corners and long walls.

Shower Favors Can Maximize Your Decorations

By incorporating your shower favors into your decorating plans, you decorations will appear fuller and more creative. Add colored streamers and tulle bags of wedding treats to a basic craft store garland and gracefully wind it down the center of your buffet table. Painted miniature buckets can be filled with trial size bubble bath, lotions and colored paper shred. Place wedding themed decals such as angels or tea cups on the center of these colorful favors and use them as menu card holders. The Shower Foundry offers silver tea pot and glass grape place card holders. Use these for their intended purpose and as an extra theme detail and then offer them as favors.

Budget Ideas

If your budget is feeling a pinch with all the food and preparation costs, check out retailers such as Party Supplies World. Here you will find decoration kits which come pre-assembled and are ready to cover a twenty-foot square area. Compliment these prepackaged kits with a few additional decorations such as matching plates and tableclothes. You can choose from a wide range of party decorations with special heart garlands, paper decorations and yard signs to let everyone know they have arrived at the correct location. If you need a bigger savings, dress up your house plants in small, white Christmas lights and weave colored streamers through the branches and leaves. Make a cupcake tree for the centerpiece instead of a large flower arrangement. Inexpensive colored plastic table clothes are available at most discount stores and can be dressed up with theme shaped glitter from the stationery store. Hit the thrift store for theme matching art at bargain prices. Use these to fill in large gaps or to temporarily replace your own pictures on the walls. Floating candles in any type of holder add glamour and glitz at a nominal expense.

The key to memorable bridal shower decorations is the personality and creativity of the decorator. No one expects you to convert a restaurant into a re-creation of the wedding venue or to deck your entire house out in wedding tulle. Simple decorations, placed for high impact and visibility, are all that is needed to change the place you watch TV into bride central. Take a realistic look at the space you are trying to decorate and then create a shopping list of possible decorations. By knowing what you need, you will be better able to stick to your budget and come back with the perfect items to create beautiful shower decorations.

Written by: Caroline Retzer