Bridal Shower Checklist

Have a wedding shower checklist to maximize the fun at your bridal party.

shower umbrellas
A bridal shower needs to be well prepared and carefully managed, just like the wedding itself. You do not want the bride to be distracted by the shower details, and you want your wedding shower guests to feel free to mingle and enjoy themselves. Following a bridal shower checklist can assist you in preparing for your party.

A few months in advance of the party:
  • Set a date.
  • Consult the bride, as she will already be setting dates for other wedding related events, and schedule the shower for a weekend about 4 weeks before the wedding itself.
  • Call the mothers of the bride and groom before finalizing the date to make sure that they can attend.
  • Discuss the guest list with the bride to give yourself an idea of how many people are likely to attend and the character of the group.
  • Make up a guest list that includes four columns, which include your guest's names, addresses, relationship to the bride, and a space to list the gift that they present to the bride at the shower.
  • Begin brainstorming a theme for the party, food to be served and bridal shower games to be played.
  • If you think you will be using a caterer, call prospective businesses and check their availability for your date and their cancellation policy.
  • Call to rent your space and decorator items.

One month in advance of your event:
  • Review the guest list with the bride and make any adjustments as needed or desired; 10-20 guests are standard.
  • Finalize the location and note whether it includes adequate chairs and tables for everyone.
  • Finalize any catering, entertainment, and rental contracts.
  • Begin locating items you will need for games and decorations.
  • Send invitations that include any gift or game instructions and registry information.
  • Remind the bride to update her registries before the invitations go out.

Two weeks in advance of your shower:
  • Order floral centerpieces.
  • Purchase paper goods, and either buy or borrow serving platters and decorations.
  • Purchase your bridal shower gift.
  • Make a list for any food items that are needed for the shower.
  • Confirm the availability of any supplies that you will be borrowing.
  • Make a music mix CD to play during the party.

One week in advance of the bridal shower:
  • Finalize the guest list by counting the number of RSVPs you have received.
  • Purchase grocery items for the party.
  • Make sure you have enough refrigerator space and the necessary appliances for preparation of foods for the shower.
  • Assemble shower games and gift-wrap favors and prizes.
  • Make plans to setup the location and enlist any help that you need to decorate and clean up.

The day before the party:
  • Prepare the location: clean and decorate.
  • Prepare hors d'oeuvres.
  • Run any last minute errands.

On the day of the bridal shower:
  • Arrive one hour early to put out the food, light candles and setup the atmosphere.
  • Assign someone the duty of taking photographs.
  • Be the hostess and keep an eye on the flow of the party, and administering games at the right moment.
  • Make note of each guest's gift and give a list to the bride at the end of the day to use for writing her Thank You notes.

If you consider this bridal shower checklist when planning your party, you will be well on your way to creating a fun, stress-free event.

Written by: Megan Glomb