Wedding Shower Favors

Guidelines for choosing meaningful wedding shower favors for your friends and family.

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The bridal shower is an ancient tradition based in the kindness of friends. When two people were deeply in love but lacked the money and means to marry, the community would come together and "shower" them with gifts to make it possible for them to begin their new life together.

Although this gesture is usually not a necessity in modern times, the tradition has remained intact, especially as a way for the bride-to-be to celebrate with her friends. Also, the bride has the opportunity to give wedding shower favors, and show, in a small but elegant way, how much friends and family are appreciated.

Wedding shower party favors can come in countless forms and can be custom made, homemade, personalized, traditional, unique, symbolic, or express anything you wish. Shower favors are usually more personal and romantic in nature than wedding favors, as you are dealing with a more intimate party. The smaller group also affords the opportunity to be more creative with favors. As with all other aspects of your wedding, the most important thing to remember when choosing party or shower favors is that they should reflect your personal style and the overall theme you have chosen for the wedding.

Whatever you choose as the gift, your wedding shower party favor should be featured in pretty packaging. Remember that the simpler the presentation, the more elegant it will appear. Combining colors and textures such as crisp, white rice paper and satin ribbon is an easy and excellent way to do this. A beautifully wrapped gift is ten times more special, no matter how small or simple the thing inside.

For female guests, a popular and elegant choice for wedding shower favors is a modest piece of jewelry, such as a pin, charm bracelet or a pair of earrings. For a shower favor that is less expensive but still distinctly feminine, bath salts, pretty soaps and bath beads are always appropriate. More whimsical gifts might include a handkerchief tied with a big ribbon (for tears of joy) or a crown of dried flowers for their hair.

Edible favors are always appreciated as well, and there are a million options. You might present your guests with small boxes containing chocolates, marzipan fruits and flowers, pastel mints, or little iced cakes, or wrap up tulle bags with curling ribbon encasing ribbon candy, jelly beans, pastel malt candies, or mint sticks. The possibilities are endless, and with curling ribbon and tulle, even the simplest, most inexpensive bulk candy can be transformed into a festive and unique gift.

You may want to personalize wedding shower party favors with tags printed in the recipient's name or even write them a short note showing them how special they are to you: "To Grandma Jane, whose beautiful smile lights our way." You could even personalize the thing itself, such as a champagne flute with their name printed in gold craft paint. These are all ways to show your guests that they are an essential part of your celebration.

Your wedding shower is a time for friends and family to "shower" you in their love and support, and through simple gestures and small yet elegant wedding shower favors, you can return to them your thanks and appreciation.

Written by: Marial Smith