When to Use Wedding PowerPoints

Looking for an interactive way to share memories with those closest to you? Try a wedding PowerPoint!

Wedding PowerPoint Presentations
So you've created a wedding PowerPoint to be proud of -- and now you're wondering how and where to present it. Luckily for you, there's a wealth of options at your disposal on showing your presentation.

Wedding PowerPoint presentations are the newest wave in photo collecting and sharing. Easy and fun to create, they're a way to showcase any photos the bride and groom may wish, from childhood memories to that special first date.

Different images work well for different showings, which may take place at the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, bachelorette's party or another wedding-related gathering. Take some tips from the following categories on how to arrange a great Wedding PowerPoint for any occasion.

The Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party

Friends who have known the bride or groom for a lifetime will enjoy a wedding PowerPoint trip down memory lane. But another great reason for showing a photo presentation at a pre-wedding party is to allow the entire group to get to know the party's honor. Let's take the bridal shower as an example of how to show your wedding PowerPoint.

For your bridal shower, you will want to blend "Memory Lane" with "getting to know you," so collect baby and childhood photographs. Ask Mom, Grandma, a favorite aunt or family friend for pictures, too; you may find a few gems from your childhood in their favorite albums. About three to five childhood photos is plenty and will give your guests a charming peek into your past. Add to these some highlights from your early dating experiences with your fiancé if possible, and of course, if you have pictures that include any of the guests who will be at your shower, be sure to put those in.

If your gathering is small, you can show your presentation on your computer, but a better way to do this is to connect the presentation to your TV so the guests have a large and colorful view.

At the Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Show your wedding PowerPoint at your wedding rehearsal dinner if you can arrange for a private or semi-private room. You will be much more comfortable knowing you can turn up the volume on your presentation's background music and laugh, comment and perhaps shed a tear in the company of some of your favorite people.

Include current pictures in this presentation. One touching idea is to take pictures during the bridal shower, then include these in your wedding rehearsal dinner PowerPoint presentation. Be sure to put a focus on those whose presence and help has guided you to this special day. Your parents, stepparents, special aunts, uncles or family friends may fit into this category.

At the Wedding Reception

Your wedding reception PowerPoint will be an opportunity for you to share your deepest feelings and appreciation for your guests, but also to give a glimpse of the depth of your love for your new spouse. Because this will undoubtedly be a sentimental moment, baby pictures are a great idea. Lead your guests through both your and your groom's childhoods with snapshots in time of some of your most wonderful, important or even comical moments.

A background song that's special to the two of you is appropriate here, and is sure to bring a tear or two, so don't forget a box of tissues for each table.

After you've shown your PowerPoint, email copies (or mail discs) to whomever you wish to have a permanent copy. No matter how you use your wedding PowerPoint, you will have given a piece of your love and gratitude back to those who have honored you by sharing this all important day.

How to Use Wedding PowerPoints

Written by: Melanie Henson