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Butterfly Wedding Invitation
How to conceptualize and design the Butterfly Theme Wedding Invitation
Coming Up with the Butterfly Invitation Concept
When I think of butterflies, I think of being outside in the springtime, summer, and early fall. This butterfly wedding set is fun, looks great, and is easy and simple to make.

The Invitation
I picked a simple butterfly image from Wedding Clipart.com for the top panel and then centered the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date below it. The middle section is where I put the wedding announcement wording. I started out with the following verse, that I thought helped evoke the transformation of the butterfly: "A fresh new day and it is ours, a day of happy beginnings." I ran the verse seamlessly into the wedding specifics and ran that into the wedding information. I made the text a deep brown so that it softened the invitation a bit. In the bottom panel, I put a group of butterfly images placed at the very bottom of the page. I chose a beige paper to go along with the browns and oranges found in the text and images.
NOTE: This would also look good with cream or ivory colored paper.

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Personalize & Print the Butterfly Wedding Invitation

What's Needed

Paper Suggestions
• 8.5" x 11"
• 30 to 60 pound card stock
• ivory, cream, beige, light brown [speckled or recycled stock optional]
NOTE: be sure to check with your paper supplier that your paper is inkjet-compatible
(or laser-compatible if that's what you're using!)

Final Invitation Dimensions
Cut to roughly 5.25" x 10"

Try a yellow, deep red, deep orange, or deep cream color ribbon. No special bows or ties are needed. Cutting the ends of the ribbon on the diagonal or in a triangle shape adds a nice touch.

Colors Suggestions: Brown, yellow, red, orange, and gray in rich autumnal hues.

Font used: Papyrus

Now that you've decided on this layout, its time to personalize it!
Here's what you need to do:
  1. Get the Butterfly Wedding Invitation
    Members of Wedding Clipart will find the template pictured in this set once they login. All templates are divided by theme, and it will be easy to locate the butterfly theme and this exact template using the thumbnail image. Once you find it, simply download it to your hard drive.

  2. Open the Template
    All Wedding Clipart templates are in Microsoft Word format. Double click the template and it will open automatically in MS Word.

  3. Personalize the Text
    You'll see that all the text is in its own textbox, so you can edit the text and move it to where you want very easily. Try typing additional words and phrases and you'll get the hang of it immediately. You can also change the font, add bold or italicized text if you wish.

    Swap out or edit graphics used in the template. We've designed the template layout and graphics so that they are ready to print as-is. But perhaps you've found additional images in the Wedding Clipart collection that you'd like to include. Inside the website, along with all the templates, is a complete tutorial on adding and removing images to a document in Microsoft Word. Use this as your guide. Finally, if you are familiar with image-editing programs such as Illustrator or Corel, you have complete flexibility to modify any aspect of any image, from its color to its basic lines.

  5. Test Print
    Once you are happy with the way the invitation reads, try a test print on plain paper using the Manual Feed setting on your printer. We've tested all of our templates on inkjet and laser printers, so you shouldn't have any trouble printing with your standard home printer.

  6. Test Cut
    As you can see from the photo, this Butterfly Wedding Theme invitation is smaller than the 8.5" x 11" paper. You will need to practice cutting away the margins and folding the invitation in thirds so that it fits in your envelopes. Best to do this before you start your final prints on expensive paper.

  7. Final Fixes and Changes
    You can make as many test prints as you want, allowing you to test different wording, changes to the layout, and additions/subtractions of graphics, as mentioned above.

  8. Final Print
    Select the paper you have chosen for your final invitations. Before you start a large print run, test just one sheet. If the new paper causes any alignment or paper jamming issues, you'll need to troubleshoot the printer. Most printers allow adjustments to the manual paper feed tray. When you have a successful print out, you may still need to feed and print the invitations one at a time, depending on your printer.

  9. Final Cut and fold
    Once you have a stack of final prints, you can always do the cutting at home, especially if you have a paper cutter. But you'll probably save a lot of energy and mistakes by taking the stack to your local copy store and having them cut the entire stack at once. Be sure to have a prototype of a final cut with you for them to follow.
Your Invitations are Done!
Here is a little background on the other pieces you see in this butterfly wedding stationery set.

The Menu
I divided the menu into panels (like the invitation) only it's divided vertically. The center panel has the menu items centered in a yellow, slightly transparent box. The left panel has an image of a butterfly and flower placed in the bottom of the panel. The right panel has the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date running up the middle to the panel. Behind everything is a transparent butterfly. I did this to add a little more activity to the page and to reinforce the butterfly theme. The side panels fold to reveal the outside flaps. The right flap has a great butterfly image to give a preview of what is inside and the left is text. For the extra touch, I tied a lovely ribbon around the menu.

The Thank You
This is kept very simple because everything else in the set is so elaborate. There's only an image of a butterfly in an oval with the words "thank you" on it and it looks great!

This set looks great and has a nice feel to it. It's easy to create and easy to print. I designed everything within a couple of hours from scratch and printed it from a 4-year-old HP OfficeJet G85 inkjet printer.

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